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I am glad you've found my website and that I may open a window, on which through you can get a glimpse into to the world of my paintings. To an abstract language speaking world, where we find ourselves in a continous dialouge with our own personality fragments, left without reflection. The field of my creative activity is based on the miracles of everyday life and its nourished by the spirituality lived in the conscious presence.

My feelings, my soul and my thoughts appear on the canvas: a surface, where the affective side and the conceptual side of my personal experiences interact. My plans are continuous self-education and inspiration gathering, to create more expressive and soul-mingling pieces for those who are touched by the miracle inherent in the art of painting and want to make it a part of their daily life.

I hope you will be also among those people, who whenever look at my paintings hanging on their wall will be filled with harmony and comfort in their soul.


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